PROTEOMICS and epigenetics

Benjamin A. Garcia, Ph.D.
Princeton University

The Proteomics and Epigenetics Core provides cutting-edge mass spectrometry capabilities with special expertise in the high-throughput and quantitative analysis of signaling networks through measurement of protein phosphorylation, protein abundance, and epigenetic post-translational modifications (PTMs). The Garcia lab has recently developed methods for rapid quantification of nearly all single core histone PTMs and variants in a single experiment. Additionally, the lab has created one of the only high-throughput platforms for the characterization of simultaneously occurring combinatorial histone codes on all histones. The Core applies these techniques in combination with quantitative protein abundance profiling, and genomic analyses performed by the Transcriptomics Core, for analyzing epigenetic signaling networks and how they regulate changes in gene expression and protein abundance. This allows investigators to define how virus infection impacts signal transduction pathways through histone PTMs, chromatin remodeling machineries, and transcription factor networks.